Cocktails & Dreams

Birthday Cocktails

Cocktails & Dreams

I don’t tend to go out much lately, BUT it was my best friend’s birthday and there is no way i would have missed that!

She told me about this bar called ‘Cocktails & Dreams’ in Tel Aviv, and she only said how good their cocktails are and we have to go there! so we did.

When I arrived My friend was already there outside, holding a fancy drink in her hand and told me “Try this! it’s called ‘Illuminati’!”.

The perfect keyword for me! I did try the cocktail and it was sour and salty and mysterious….I liked it!

We went inside and in a second felt the energy of the place-

Flamingos, Pineapples and trees with beautiful lights and good music…makes you feel like you’re on vacation!

Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams

Inside Cocktails & Dreams


Time To Drink

Cocktails & DreamsWe sat and looked at the cocktail menu (which are the place speciality) and I just loved the creativity and humor of the cocktails!

Especialy the ‘Trump’ cocktail- made from American whisky, Mint, Lime and Sauciness!

Couldn’t ignore the EYE there, I love the concept of the drinks and the menu, this is something I have not seen anywhere in Tel Aviv, or even in the world.

At first I ordered ‘Redemption’ made from Jamaican Rum, Almonds, Bananas and Rastafari Jah! as I was already feeling the vibe of tropical freedom and sunshine (even though it was the middle of the night).

More friends arrived and we took our drinks and sat on the tables outside. The weather was so nice as well as the company! we were all girls which gave it a feeling of ‘Girls Power’ ^_^

The owners were also very nice and gave us special shots and realy made great hosting.

We had so much fun talking and laughing and couldn’t stop order more and more cocktails and our table looked like hawaiian party! the cocktails were amazing and you can see they were made with love! caramelized bananas and pineapples, cucambers, flowers, and adorable little tropical animals!

Soooo my friend was right- THIS IS the best cocktail bar in town!

We got so many cocktails throughout the night and I couldn’t resist taking pictures because they were so colorful and and fun! (some were finished before i could take a picture :P)

Yummy In My Tummy

Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams

Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams

In the middle bottom – Mr. Tea

They also have VEGAN food and snacks like Yam fries and Zucchini sandwich (recommended)

Cocktails & Dreams

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this place is awesome,

and if you’re in Tel Aviv looking for a bar with great cocktails and hawaiian vibe you should visit Cocktails & Dreams FOR SURE!

Address: Yedidya Frenkel 4, Tel Aviv, Israel

Cocktails & Dreams

Till next time + * + *


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  1. was gr8 girls night 4 sure – i didn’t have so much girly time in a long time and it really fit the hole i start open in my life – hope we gonna do it again soon 🙂

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